What’s in a name?  I’ve recently left corporate America after 14+ years when my position was eliminated.  So, I’ve decided to become a Domestic CEO, at least for a couple of years, hence ‘Domestic.’  Rambler has two meanings for me, first, I am my father’s daughter.  We’re talkers, once we get started, look out!  And we’re about to take our family on the road, full-time.  So now you have it, Domestic Rambler.

Laura Ingalls Wilder was an icon for me as a child.  She was strong and adventurous, she had big dreams and pursued them.  Yet, she was also traditional in some ways.

I am a wife of almost 16 years, mother of two beautiful girls (7 and 4).  I was career driven, then became a working mom, now a domestic CEO in anticipation of home schooling on the road.

My husband is an artistic, classical guitarist turned nurse turned travel nurse.  Our very own comedian and the more spontaneous of the two of us.  Also, very private, so we won’t likely talk about him much.

Hope you enjoy and we’re able to build a community of like-minded individuals and families.

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