Fall…what does it mean to you?

Football, tailgating, back to school, back to work, crisp, cool air, mums, fall leaves…. For all of us, fall means something different. The media helps us to identify with certain themes, like football. Retailers want us to think about tailgating and yardwork. Those with children often think about back to school. Teachers think about backContinue reading “Fall…what does it mean to you?”

Homeschooling: Where Do We Begin?

Blogs to read!  Forums to follow!  Conventions to attend!  Holy cow! Where to begin?  Why are we doing this?  What’s our philosophy? I want to spend more time with my kids while they’re young and help my oldest develop some better coping skills for stress and frustration.  I want them to be lifelong learners notContinue reading “Homeschooling: Where Do We Begin?”